Sectional garage doors offer true quality in every aspect, beautifully engineered and finished to an outstanding level, they are a stunning addition to any home.

Why choose a sectional garage door? – 5 good reasons!

  1  Fully insulated for exceptional energy saving performance.

           2  vertical opening for “park right up” convenience, inside and outside your garage.     

 3  Convenience. Open your garage door at the touch of a button, from inside your house or car

          4   All-round weather seals keep draughts and debris out!

       5  Solid, dependable and smooth operation is matched with excellent safety and security

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From classic to contemporary, sectional garage doors offer something for all tastes. By combining the panel design with surface textures and colours, the combinations are almost limitless. Below are the most popular panel designs in a selection of finishes.




Finishes & options

A spectrum of finishes and accessories are available to personalise your garage door and complete the look. Aside from remote control that has a dedicated area in the website – click here to view – sectional garage doors can be fitted with:


Contemporary and traditional window option                       A myriad of finishes in wood effect and solid colours

Attractive window designs                                    Finishes are almost unlimited
Adds a feature to any door and allow
                A selection of the standard painted and laminate finishes is natural light into the garage space.                   shown here, however almost any RAL colour paint finish can be                                                                     chosen to create an individual look. Why not visit our showroom                                                                   to see the full range.


Vertical tracked opening

Slick and smooth                                                 Total safety  
Travelling vertically in tracks, each section
               Moving parts are enclosed and “push-away” panel
builds to create a solid, secure “wall” when                joints make for finger safe operation. Automated
closed. Spring assisted, doors are light and                doors are CE marked for safety in accordance with
smooth to operate by hand but really come                UK and European law. CE marking is your assurance
into their own with the addition of a remote               of safe operation –if it is not offered say no,
control opener.                                                     the installation will be illegal! Don’t put safety at risk

Dependable, high levels of security
The solid panels and multiple track rollers
hold the door very securely in its tracks
and locking is provided with key operated
solid locking rods or by the doors electric

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