Up and Over Garage Doors.

The classic up and over garage door is still the most popular. With a wide range of designs and colours available, there's sure to be a garage door to match the style of your house.

Up and over garage doors are available in steel, Decograin, GRP and timber. All up and over garage doors come with a 10 year guarantee.

          Why choose an up and over garage door? – 5 good reasons!1. 

Slick and smooth

Tried and tested, canopy or retractable gear provides smooth, light spring assisted opening. Canopy doors slide up and over to form a “canopy” when open and retractable doors slide up and back on tracks “retracting” into the garage.

Safety first

All doors comply with British and European safety directives and our expert installation teams always put safe operation above everything else.

Security is good

Multi-point cable or rod activated lock latches hold the doors secure. Key activated handles are designed to resist tampering and the lock mechanism is protected behind the face of the door.

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Steel up and over garage doors provide a quality finish, whilst being protected from corrosion and the adverse effects of the environment. They are low maintenance, high security and never need painting.

                                 Canopy doors open up and over to form a canopy                   Retractable doors open up and over sliding back into tracks

                                                                                                        Locking is reliable and secure

Colour can be added to your steel garage door:

dark brown
light blue
steel blue
Dark Brown
Light Blue
Steel Blue


vertical oak decograinmarquess oak decograingeorgian rosewood decograin

Decograin® garage doors are made of steel, with the look of timber to match your windows and doors.

Decograin® is available in 2 colours:

Golden oak
Golden Oak


windermere grp doorconiston grp doorlivingstone grp door

If low maintenance is an important factor to you a Glass Reinforced Polyester door is just what you’re looking for. While requiring minimum maintenance it will give you the long-lasting elegant look and character of genuine timber. GRP garage doors come in a range of colours* and some have options for windows*:

white woodgrain
mahogany woodgrain
dark oak woodgrain
countryside oak woodgrain
cherry oak woodgrain
white supersmooth
White woodgrain
Mahogany woodgrain
Dark Oak woodgrain
Countryside Oak woodgrain
Cherry Oak woodgrain
White supersmooth

*Different designs have different colour and window options available, please check for availability.


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